My marketing strategy experience primarily comes from by time working for BMW and MINI. During this time I worked with a team of sales and other marketing professionals to develop customer journeys, sales funnels and all the assets to go along with them.

At Icon I've been able to expand on this knowledge though training and implementation through campaigns like the development of quarterly Social Media Calendars for Tempur Sealy retailers.


A selection of pages from a recent quarterly social media calendar. These are created to help retailers run their social media accounts and fill their own calendar with assets promoting Temper Sealy products.

Many of the small to mid-size retailers do not have a marketing team or person of their own and instead rely on the owner or manager to post social media content. This often is done with little-to-no strategy involved and eventually falls to the wayside.

The goal of this initiative is to provide "plug an play" content while providing materials for them to learn. Both Tempur Sealy and the retailer benefit from this. The retailer get a regular schedule of content with strategic backing and Tempur Sealy insures that their product stays top of mind with the consumer.

Higher level Retailers like Ashley, La-Z-Boy, and Mattress Firm have sense begin looking to Icon to develop their own custom set of assets utilizing brand elements

from both TSI and their own brand to create a true

co-branded experience.

The Calendar itself is a creation of mine and typically runs 100+ pages. Since its original creation I have worked with a team of strategy, copywriters, and other designers, to continue evolving this resource as a better and better asset.

Since implementation, retailers have shown a much larger presence on social media and increase in reach. This as a whole has also opened a new revenue stream for Icon marketing, and continues to grow.