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I have garnered my marketing strategy expertise primarily through my tenure at BMW and MINI. Over nearly a decade, I collaborated with a dynamic team of sales and marketing professionals to meticulously craft customer journeys, construct effective sales funnels, and bring to life a myriad of creative assets that underpinned their success.

My journey at Icon has allowed me to further enrich this reservoir of knowledge, as I've delved into comprehensive training and spearheaded the execution of compelling campaigns for Tempur Sealy and its associated retailers.

A notable instance of this expanded proficiency can be seen in the development of quarterly Social Media Calendars tailored exclusively for Tempur Sealy's
esteemed retailers.

This endeavor stands as a testament to my ongoing commitment to advancing and refining my strategic marketing prowess.

Presented here are excerpts from a recent quarterly social media calendar, meticulously crafted to empower retailers in managing their social media platforms and populating their schedules with captivating assets designed to promote Temper Sealy products.

A significant proportion of small to mid-sized retailers find themselves without the luxury of an in-house marketing team, relying instead on owners or managers to orchestrate their social media content. This often results in haphazard posting devoid of strategic intent, leading to gradual neglect.

The overarching objective of this initiative is to furnish these retailers with "plug and play" content that not only simplifies their efforts but also serves as an educational resource. This approach yields mutual benefits for both Tempur Sealy and the retailers themselves. The retailers benefit from a consistent stream of content, strategically underpinned, while Tempur Sealy ensures that its products maintain a prominent position in the consumer's consciousness.

Prominent retailers of the caliber of Ashley, La-Z-Boy, and Mattress Firm have subsequently turned to Icon, seeking the development of bespoke assets that ingeniously blend TSI's brand elements with their own, culminating in a genuine co-branded experience.

The conceptualization of the calendar itself rests within my purview and typically spans over 100 pages. Since its inception, I've collaborated closely with a team comprising strategists, copywriters, and fellow designers, nurturing the evolution of this resource into an ever-improving asset.

Since its integration, retailers have markedly amplified their presence across social media platforms, resulting in a noticeable surge in reach and engagement. This transformation has also opened a novel revenue stream for Icon Marketing, one that continues to thrive and expand.

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