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• Audiobook Covers

Within the realm of Design by Drake, my portfolio boasts a plethora of crafted book covers, each a fictional masterpiece in its own right. Predominantly nestled within the captivating confines of science fiction and fantasy, these covers beckon readers to embark on enchanting journeys. My passion for this genre becomes evident as I meticulously mold these designs, offering readers an irresistible invitation to delve headfirst into captivating worlds of imagination.

What initially began as a delightful escape has now matured into an engrossing hobby, affording me the liberty to experiment with novel concepts and continually nurture my design acumen. Each piece of custom artwork is a testament to my creative prowess, as I assume full responsibility for the entire artistic process.

These cover art endeavors encompass both tangible and digital domains, catering to the multifaceted needs of the modern literary landscape. This includes crafting visuals for print publications and extending to the visually immersive realm of audiobook covers.

The culmination of my efforts thus far is an impressive catalogue of over 30 books, all of which are currently available for readers to explore and enjoy. This journey through fictional worlds has not only been a source of personal fulfillment but has also allowed me to contribute to the captivating allure of literature.


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